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The World's Easiest Customer Rewards Program

  • No cards.
  • No coupons.
  • No enrollment (for existing customers)
  • Nothing to remember.
  • Your rewards are automatic.

Here is how it works:

  • Be on our mailing list.
  • We keep track of what you buy.
  • Spend $100 you earn a reward.
  • Then save 10% off your next total purchase automatically!
  • Rewards expire after 30 days
  • No limit on rewards you can earn.

Not combinable with other discounts. Not good on sale or clearance items. Not good for bargain T’s or sewing. Not applicable to returns or same day purchases. We need your name and address. See posted terms and conditions for further details.

Customer Rewards Program

Terms and Conditions

  • To participate in rewards program Renegade Classics customers must provide their name and mailing address.
  • All existing Renegade Classics mailing list customers and new first-time customers are automatically enrolled in the program.
  • Customer Rewards discounts are earned every time a customer’s accrued purchases reach $100 or more.
  • Each reward is redeemable for a 10% discount on customer’s next visit receipt. (conditions below)
  • Rewards expire 30 days from date of qualifying purchase and may not be redeemed same day as rewarded. (no exceptions)
  • Not applicable to clearance, sale priced items, bargain t-shirts, sewing or labor charges. Not valid during store-wide sales.
  • Rewards discounts may not combined with other discounts or used to repurchase returned items.
  • Customers may accrue multiple rewards each with their own expiration date. One reward may be redeemed per receipt.
  • All rewards program record keeping and fulfillment is computerized and cannot be modified by sales personnel.
  • Renegade Classics Customer Reward Program commenced on January 10th, 2010 and has no fixed date of expiration.
  • Renegade Classics reserves the right to change or modify its Rewards Program with 30 days posted notice within our store.

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